Monday, 27 February 2017


We have our very own class twitter account! We have just started using it in conjunction with Chapter Chat. It is a great way to share our learning and communicate with other students from all over NZ! The link is below for our twitter account and what Chapter Chat is all about.


What a fantastic day we had at the school TRYathlon. We finally received some Summer sunshine and it was awesome to see so many of our Phantom Phills 'Going for Gold'

A big congratulations to Angus who came 2nd in the Yr 4 scooter race and to Felix (1st) and Josh (2nd) in the Yr 4 bike race!

A big thank you to Miss Holder, Mrs Tremain and Mrs Langely for organising such a fantastic day!


We have been our weekly trips to the Library! It has been moved into the old Rm 9 classroom and is a pretty cool place to hang out!


Miss Pagel and Mr Healy Go Viral!

In conjunction with learning about being a responsible digital citizen Miss Pagel and Mr Healy thought they would show The Phantom Phills the power of the internet and how far a message can spread.

They posted on to Facebook the photo below:

At the moment of publishing this post. The photo had been shared and commented on over 10,000 times! It has blown our expectations and minds how far this imaged has traveled.

Below is the link to the photo. Check it out and read some of the comments to see where it has traveled to!

Digital Citizenship

Early in the term we were learning about Digital Citizenship and how we can best use digital devices at school and at home. We worked together to give our opinions on statements around being safe on and using technology responsibly. The final product was a Digital Citizenship Treaty created and signed by everyone in The Phantoms.

The Phantoms

We now have a class name The Phantoms. Our Classroom is The Phantom Cave and individuals are known as Phantom Phills. The name originated by using the P and H from Pagel and Healy and moulding into title it is today. A class vote secured the name against some other very strong contenders.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Welcome to 2017

Kia Ora and welcome to The Phantoms for 2017! This blog will give you an insight into whats happening in Room 12/13 and the wider school. Keep up to date and share with family and friends.